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Current Students

Incoming First-Year CeO Scholars

  • Student with penCeO First-Year Mentoring Programs, Guiding Peers to Success (GPS) and STEM Mentoring
  • High Impact Practice (HIP) Course
    • FIGs (First-Year Interest Groups) FIGs are clusters of (usually) three UW- Madison courses, linked together to explore a common theme, and offered to incoming first-year scholars who attend these classes together as a cohort. If you are choosing the FIG option, be aware that you will need to have the placement scores needed for enrollment in all the linked courses, and you should not schedule your FIG during Thursdays from 3:45 – 6:15 pm as you will have CeO Mentoring.
    • Undergraduate Research Scholars  URS is dedicated to helping first- and second-year undergraduates get hands-on experience in research or other creative endeavors by working with UW faculty and research staff. Discovery – whether in the sciences, engineering, the arts, or the social sciences – is the cornerstone of our greatness as a university. It is best to plan on taking this course for two semesters in a row.
    • Residential Learning Communities Seminar Residential Learning Communities bring together faculty, staff and students around an explicit focus within the University Residence Halls. Unique seminars and class sections and aligned co-curricular activities all help produce smaller, more intentional communities that set students up for success. First-Year Scholar will need to register with the associated courses/seminars meet CeO’s High Impact Practice requirement.
    • CeO Selected HIP Courses – First-Year Scholars can choose between the following options: 1) Inter-HE: Belonging, Purpose, and the Ecology of Human Happiness: EcoYou, 2) INTEGSCI 100: Exploring Biology Freshmen Seminar, 3) INTER-AG 155: Issues in Agriculture, Environment, and Life Sciences, 4) COUN PSYCH 125: Wisconsin Experience Seminar – CeO Scholars are encouraged to enroll in CeO-reserved section 21 with Dr. Shawn Peters, 5) ILS 275: Narratives of Justice and Equality in Multicultural America, 6) ED PSYCH 506: Ctr for Educ Opportunity Psych of Forgiveness (a CeO Scholar reserved course)

High Impact Practice Opportunities at UW-Madison

CeO Experiences

  • 4-Year Graduation Plan
  • CeO Mentoring
  • Intern with CeO
  • Study Abroad Advising with CeO
  • Graduate School Search
  • Cultural and Social Activities

Leadership Opportunities in CeO

  • Student Advisory Board Representatives
  • Guiding Peers to Success (GPS) Mentors and Lead Mentors
  • Student Office Assistants