Katie Gabrick

Position title: Math Specialist

Email: kgabrick@wisc.edu

Suite 224, Middleton Building

Katie Gabrick is the Math Specialist for the Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services and the Center for Educational Opportunity programs. She received her bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics from Rhodes College in 2018 and is now pursuing a Master of International Public Affairs (MIPA) from the La Follette School. She is passionate about helping students become more confident in their math abilities and showing students the professional doors taking coursework in mathematics can open. As someone who never identified herself as a “math person,” she believes that persistence and cultivating a growth mindset are essential to facing some of the challenges of math courses. Katie is originally from Minnesota, but most recently, she has been living in Milwaukee and working in the private sector as an associate marketing analytics analyst for Kohls. In her free time, she enjoys speaking French, learning Spanish, reading, and running.