TRIO Week is a celebration of the National TRIO Day (February 28th) and the annual achievements of the Federal TRIO programs in communities across the country! Read more on the Council for Opportunity in Education’s website.

This year we will be celebrating with all virtual events for everyone’s safety.

In addition, we will be collecting virtual thank you’s to compile and send to our representatives who support funding TRIO programs. Click here to submit a thank you note prior to March 1st, 2021.

You can show your support and TRIO affinity with our virtual TRIO Week background. Right click on the photo and “Save As”!

TRIO Works! Alumni Keynote Speaker talk followed by a Q&A session with PEOPLE and McNair alum, Dr. Dina Garcia!

Dr. Garcia studies the underlying causes and mechanisms of oral health inequities with the long term goal of developing interventions targeted at different causal pathways. She’s trained in qualitative and quantitative methods as well as science communication (follow her on twitter @epidg).  She also serves as the Director of the Kalpulli Research Group, which she established with the goal of conducting innovative research while mentoring the next generation of public health scholars. Read more about her here!

TRIO Week 2021

Check out our CeO/TRIO scholars and their stories about the impact CeO has had on their lives!


Brian Wiedenfeld, CeO Senior, who is majoring in Agricultural and Applied Economics with a certificate in Food Systems. Brian said that CeO/TRIO impacted his college experience because “coming to UW as a first gen student, the complexities of college life were hard to navigate. I was appreciative to have the support of CeO, especially the [peer navigator] program, to help guide me in my first year. Advice from CeO advisors and [peer navigators] made it easier in my difficult decision to change majors and I’m forever grateful for their encouragement!”

Seng Thao, CeO/TRIO Alum, graduated from UW in 2010 with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and an Asian American Studies Certificate. Seng said “the program helped me navigate college. I found friends whom I associate as family in the program. It was safe space that I could turn to when I was troubled and the advisors provided clarity when I had questions. It was my home away from home and I don’t think I would have graduated without the support the of staff and friends I met in the program.”

Drue Hood-McFadden, McNair senior, who is majoring in Physics with a certificate in Mathematics. Drue said “the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program has provided me a community of other highly motivated scholars with similar experiences. Additionally, the McNair Scholars Program has given immense guidance in navigating research and the graduate school application process.”

Kimberly Vue, CeO Alum who graduated in 2014 with a degree in Social Work. She now works at CeO as an SSS Advisor going full circle and working with the students she can so closely relate to as she was in their shoes!



Chris Wilson, CeO senior who is majoring in Computer Science and was a CeO Peer Mentor!

TRIO Student Panel

Join us for a TRIO Student Panel and hear from current and graduated TRIO scholars about their experiences with TRIO programs at UW!

Feb 24th @ 4:30pm