CeO Peer Navigators


Four people in helmets and harnesses looking up at a person in a helmet and harness who is climbing a utility pole to a suspended bridge.
Peer Navigators supporting one of their team members as they climb to the suspended bridge during the high ropes course.

Peer Navigators are current CeO Scholars who are an integral part of CeO’s First-Year Scholar experience and the driving force for our mentoring program and it’s a great way to make new friends, develop close relationships with staff, and build an overall community here at UW-Madison and in CeO.

Responsibilities of Peer Navigators 

Peer Navigators support and nurture First-Year CeO Scholars in their transition to the university setting, both socially and academically. They work directly with a small group of incoming First-Year CeO Scholars in their Peer Led Communities (PLCs). Their responsibilities include communicating with their peer group frequently, answering their questions and concerns, and supporting them as they journey through their first year at UW-Madison. Further duties include, but are not limited to: communicating reminders and important information regarding CeO events. Peer Navigators are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of the CeO community, guests presenting/visiting meetings, and inclusive to all people. The commitment to the August to May duration of the program is an important and integral expectation of the position.

August – May Commitment

The Peer Navigators’ responsibilities begin in August of each academic year and continue through May. Participation in job training occurs mid-August, and is followed by assisting and participating with the CeO Staff to host Strategies for Success (SFS), the First-Year CeO Scholar orientation in late August/early September.

Peer Led Communities (PLCs)

Incoming First-Year CeO Scholars are sorted into small peer groups, called Peer Led Communities (PLCs) and a Peer Navigator is assigned to lead and facilitate their PLC in activities throughout the academic year. Peer Navigators are held accountable for mentoring their PLC, planning their group activities, and supporting the First-Year CeO Scholars in their adjustment to both academic and social campus life.


  • CeO Scholars who have had at least one semester on UW-Madison’s campus, are incoming second-years or more
  • Are currently enrolled at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Are in good academic standing with their school or college

If you have any questions, email Ibrahim Baalbaki at and  Sarina Strnad at, call, or visit the CeO Office.