CeO Peer Navigators

2022-2023 Peer Navigator applications is now closed.

(formally known as GPS – Guiding Peers to Success – Mentoring Program)

CeO Success Series is an academic year-long program developed to prepare incoming first-year CeO scholars for an enriching and rewarding college career. CeO looks for committed, dependable, flexible, and emotionally mature individuals who are receptive to constructive feedback and willing to adapt to the role as needed to be an outstanding role model for first-year CeO Scholars.

Strategies for Success Mentors 2018

Responsibilities of Peer Navigators: Peer Navigators are current CeO Scholars who will support and nurture first year scholars in their transition to the university setting, both socially and academically. Peer Navigators will work directly with a small group of incoming first-year scholars including communicating with them frequently, answering their questions and concerns, and supporting them as they journey through their first year at UW. 

The Peer Navigators responsibilities will begin in August of each academic year and will continue through May. Peer Navigators will participate in training end-of-August, and then they will assist the CeO Staff with Strategies for Success (SFS) and STEM Immersion, the First-Year CeO Scholar orientation in late August. Incoming First-Year Scholars are put into groups and a Peer Navigator will be assigned to lead and facilitate the group during Success Series Meetings, group activities, and more. Peer Navigators are held accountable for group attendance at the required CeO activities, Success Series Meetings, and supporting the First-Year CeO Scholars in their adjustment to campus life both socially and academically.

Further duties include, but are not limited to: communicating reminders and important information regarding CeO meetings and events and taking group attendance. Peer Navigators are held accountable the for expected communication, technology, and attendance policies. Peer Navigators are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of the CeO community, guests presenting/visiting meetings, and inclusive to all people. The commitment to the August to May duration of the program is an important and integral expectation of the position.

Eligibility: These positions are open to all current CeO Scholars who have had at least one semester on UW-Madison’s campus, are incoming sophomores or above, and who are currently enrolled at University of Wisconsin-Madison. In order to be eligible, Scholars are required to be in good academic standing with CeO, their School and/or College.

If you have any questions, email Ibrahim Baalbaki at and  Seng Thao at, call, or visit the CeO Office.