Student Services

CeO provides a variety of support services for eligible students throughout their academic careers at UW-Madison. You can click below to learn more about each service.

CeO students studying and working in the CeO office in 16 Ingraham
  • Intensive and holistic academic advising
  • Academic coaching, individual writing support, and math support
  • Structured experience for first-year students with peer mentoring
  • Welcoming study space, computer lab, priority enrollment, and free printing
  • Assistance with and referrals to other campus services
  • Support for students with disabilities

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Peer Navigators

Peer Navigators are current CeO Scholars who support and nurture first-year scholars in their transition to the university setting, both socially and academically. Peer Navigators work directly with a small group of incoming first-year scholars including communicating with them frequently, answering their questions and concerns, and supporting them as they journey through their first year at UW.

Peer Navigators at our Strategies for Success Orientation 2022

Structured First-Year Experience

To help students make a successful transition from high school to college, CeO provides a structured experience for first-year students. Its main components include:

  • Participate in first-year orientation to take place in late August each year
  • Enroll in a High-Impact Practice (HIP) with a campus partner (FIGS, URS, Residential Learning Community, or approved class)
  • Enroll in Counseling Psychology 115. This class is reserved for CeO students only and is taught by our writing specialist, Dr. Shawn Peters.
  • Meet regularly with assigned CeO Advisor to check in on academics, transition, and other areas of support

CeO Six Week Progress Report

CeO utilizes a mid-semester progress report to help new students and students on probation connect with faculty, professors, and TAs for support, resources, and grade estimation early in the semester. First-year students complete the Six Week Progress Report after completing a self-reflection and connecting with their Professors or TAs to later discuss with their CeO Advsior.

Support for Scholars with Disabilities

CeO Staff work closely with CeO Scholars with disabilities to facilitate their learning experience. We also work collaboratively with the McBurney Disability Resource Center in supporting our students who need accommodations. CeO’s liaison with the McBurney Resource center is Access Consultant Heather Stelljes.

CeO Classes

CeO provides an opportunity for students to take classes with other CeO and Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement students. The classes chosen meet the requirements of many majors and more importantly, enhance students’ academic skills and success. Each year, special emphasis have been placed the following courses.

Ed Psych 506: The Psychology of Forgiveness; explore a Fall 2020 syllabus  (this course occurs only during fall semester, open only to CeO Scholars)

Psych 202: Introduction to Psychology (Fall 2022): CeO students are encouraged to register for Lecture 10 (24445) and Discussion 310 (24446). This discussion is limited to students in CeO and other DDEEA programs as well as the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE). The additional discussion courses allows for more in depth discussion and review of the Psych 202 lecture.

Psych 120: Art and Science of Human Flourishing (Fall 2022): CeO students are encouraged to register for Lecture 001 (27449) and Discussion 305 (27480). This discussion is limited to students in CeO and other DDEEA programs as well as the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE).

Academic Advising

CeO provides holistic advising and works closely with departmental advisors, deans, and career staff to ensure that CeO Scholars understand the many opportunities available to them and the requirements that must be met. Degree audit reports (DARS) and career exploration resources are utilized. CeO Scholars have the opportunity to meet with advisors to complete an individualized learning plan and timeline to degree which helps lay out their academic and career goals. In addition, advisors can help students plan for internships (both national and international), studying abroad, getting involved in research and more!

Academic Coaching & Writing Support

Through our academic coaching program and writing support,CeO Scholars are eligible to request an academic coach or schedule an appointment with the CeO Writing and Study Skills Specialist. Academic coaching may be one-on-one or small group settings, and writing support appointments are individual.

UW-Madison students who have successfully completed the requested courses lead these regularly scheduled study sessions. In some cases the academic coaching group leader attends class lectures along with the CeO Scholars and will facilitate a peer learning experience guided by the Supplement Instruction (SI) model. Through these experiences, CeO Scholars become successful independent learners by utilizing the transferable study skills they have acquired. Request math support Math Specialist Alexis Edwards and academic coaching through DDEEA ACTS website under the “Apply” heading.

To schedule an appointment with CeO Writing and Study Skills specialist, use Dr. Shawn Peters’ Starfish link.

Priority Enrollment

Each semester First- and Second-Year CeO Scholars have the unique privilege to enroll in the next semester courses when the Junior enrollment begins instead of the later timeline that other first- and second-year students follow. The priority enrollment allows these CeO Scholars access to secure classes that they need before they become filled.

Assistance with Financial Aid, Housing, and Other University Services

The CeO staff are available to guide CeO Scholars to support for financial aid, housing, applying for resources for basic needs, mental health support, identity, gender and sexuality, student organizations, and other resources at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Advisors serve as advocates and help CeO Scholars navigate opportunities and challenges in all areas of a student’s life.

Graduate School and Professional School Advising

CeO Scholars are encouraged to pursue graduate and professional degrees. CeO Staff will guide students to informational workshops and seminars on graduate and professional schools which provide an overview of the fields of study and of the application processes. CeO advisors are also available to advise CeO Scholars on a one-on-one basis. CeO works collaboratively with various research programs at UW-Madison and other campuses, especially the McNair Scholars Program, to provide students with research experience and exposure to higher education while still undergraduates.

Cultural and Social Activities

CeO strives to build a learning community where CeO Scholars from diverse backgrounds have opportunities to enjoy the diversity of the Madison community. To this end, CeO provides free social and cultural activities throughout the year for Scholars to meet their CeO peers, faculty, and staff. Previous semester activities have included bowling at Union South, game & karaoke nights, potluck socials, roller skating, haunted house excursion, attending on-campus and off-campus plays, and much more. The social highlight of each semester is the CeO Reception. At the close of each semester, CeO celebrates the new graduates with a celebratory reception where at the graduating Schoars are able to recognize the people in their lives who have contributed to their academic accomplishments.

Work with Us

CeO employs some of our scholars in positions in our office. Student staff assist with welcoming students at our front desk, our communication and social media, and with mentoring the incoming first-year CeO scholars. Find out more about the positions we have available on the Work With Us tab on our website.

Informational Resources

CeO provides a wide variety of information on topics such as scholarships, awards, grants, volunteer placements, and other opportunities to get involved in the university and the city of Madison. Information can be found on the website, on the Facebook and Instagram pages, in the CeO Office, directly from staff and advisors, or through e-mail communications including the CeO Weekly Newsletter.